The Waiting Room

When oceans rise and thunder roar. I’ll soar with you above the storm . When the noise is over. A still small voice you will hear, I hope you believe me when I tell you that I’ll handle all your cares. Just wait on me. When you pursue God’s dream for your life, you’re going […]

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Living in Love

I’ll just say yes, You lead the way. I’m not afraid of what it means to say that the life You gave is not my own. I’m trusting You to hear my yes and lead me on. Yes Lord. My life is yours. He said it was all good. Maker and owner of it all. […]

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“I am not at peace. I am simply a damaged human being swimming in a pool of emotions every day of my life. There’s a raging violent storm in my heart at all times. I don’t know what peace feels like. I don’t know how to relax. Anxiety has ruled over my life for as […]

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Queue of Life

I long to be different… changed. Changed To a point that all of me is gone and all that remains is a fire so bright ,the whole world will not fail to notice something different. So come and let me be different in you. The high school food queue. I seriously hated it! I know […]

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We are 1

If you say “it’s wrong”, I’ll say “no”. If you say “release “, I’m letting go. If you’re in it with me, then I’ll begin. And if you say jump, I’m diving in. If you say be “still” then I’ll wait. If you ask me to trust, then I’ll obey. I’m tired of following my […]

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… Perspective can

I keep fighting the voices in mind that say I’m not enough. Every single lie that says I’ll never measure up. Am I more than just the sum of every high and every low? Remind me once again who you say I am, because I need to know. I’ve always been big on relations. I […]

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Just Right

Standing in the ruins where there was a flame. So used to losing and afraid to try again. Now all I see are ashes where there was a flame. Yet He goes before me,even before I know that He’s gone to win my war. His love becomes my greatest defense. It leads me through the […]

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